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Ok, sales for painted planes is slow, so we'll use capitalism to drive some business his way. We're not discounting the painting prices, but we are going to discount the cost of miniatures purchased through I-94 Enterprises / Raiden Miniatures until the end of February of 2021.

Here's how it's going to work.

As I cannot force a discount on planes going to be painted, tend an order - don't complete it - and email me noting your need to apply the discount. From there, you will work out a price with Chris for painting services. Once agreed upon, I'll bill you for the minis, and once paid, put them in his painting que. Minis painting is a separate invoice, to be paid after customer approval. 

This promotional will be a 30% reduction in retail price of Raiden Miniatures, MSD miniatures (includes Goblintooth) and GHQ. 

Without conventions and the commission sales arising from them, things are dead slow. Let's change that.

email contacts 

General questions  - me.  dave,winfree@outlook.com

Painting questions - Chris geisertc@yahoo.com