A general note. Effective 2 Sept 2012, Raiden Miniatures was sold to I-94 Enterprises, Hastings, Michigan, USA.
Design and manufacturing of the line is now based in the USA.

Over the past couple of months, a good number of new airplane miniatures have been released, and we have an aggressive release schedule throughout 2020 and into 2021.

One item of serious concern was making sure changes to pricing and shipping were as minimal as possible to UK and European customers, who have been the backbone of Raiden. To that end, we've pretty much kept pricing close to the price before the purchase of Raiden as possible. Most price changes so far have been minimal and to achieve a logical price point to US based manufacture. We are very aware of the punishing customs fees the EU community countries impose on their citizens' purchases of imported goods and try to minimize the impact to our customers by absorbing some of the shipping charges.

The statement below still stands

We are a company dedicated to the world of miniature aircraft.

Our ranges are brand new and have never been on the market before.  Our aim is to produce over the next few years the most comprehensive range of aircraft available in 1/285th scale.
Added notes, Dec'12 and Oct'20. We actively support the Check Your 6! series of air combat rules, and work with the CY6 authors to make sure we have aircraft available to support their efforts
. We also publish supplemental scenario books to work with the CY6 rules. As of Oct'20, we have 7 books in print and another about to debut

Like many firms in our industry we are doing this in addition to our day job so please be patient with us if we don't always release a mountain of new aircraft each month. Aircraft releases are largely tied into new book releases as well as sales volumes.

                                 Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for future aircraft.

                                                      We look forward to hearing from you.