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10July 23

Added R3001, 4x 3" hex damaged 'Kenley' / generic WW2 airfield.


As of 1 Sept 2022, we own the Fight's On! line of Air Gaming Accessories.

Rob and Sandy of Fight's On! made us a deal we couldn't refuse, so here we are.

The line was vast. We'll reduce the number of items offered based on historic sales data.

the initial list of what we'll continue to offer is:

AM8 Existance to be determined....Cadillac of the Sky Flight Stands
R2002 2" hex Hill & Island Pack
R01 Light Anti Aircraft Artillery Site
M1 Air to Air Missiles
R2001 2" hex Cloud Cover
M2 Surface to Air Missiles with Stands
AM7 Yank and Bank Indicators 3/16"
AM5 Lock-On/Warning Markers
AM6 Yank and Bank Indicators 1/8"
SJ0020 Large Laser Towers (3" tall) (2)
R1502 1.5" hex Hill & Island Pack
R1501 1.5" hex Cloud Cover
R03 Surface to Air Missile Site
D3 Israeli / Egyptian dice 4 pack
AM4 Manoeuver/Status Markers
R02 Medium Anti Aircraft Artillery Site
D4 USAF/NVAF dice 4 pack
DP300 1/300 scale Downed Pilot Marker
R1513 Large Airfield Complex 1.5" hexes
R2013 Large Airfield Complex - 2" hexes
R2008 Oil Refinery 2"
R2004 City Pack 2"
R2007b Suez Canal 2" 3 hex mix
N2 Chaff Cloud
R1503 Sun Edge Marker 1.5"
R1504 City Pack 1.5"
R2003 Sun Edge Marker 2"
DP600 1/600 scale Downed Pilot Marker
M3 Anti Ship Missiles with Stands
SJ0001 Asteroid 5-pack
R2010 Power Station 2"
AM2 1/300 Scale Airframe/Engine Damage Markers
R2014 River Pack 2" hexes
R2009 Oil Pipeline Booster Pack 2"
R2016 Railroad Pack 2" hexes
M4 Sea skimming Anti Ship Missiles
R2006 Airfield - Modern 2"
R1514 River Pack 1.5" hexes
R3000 RAF Kenley or WW2 Airfield 3"
R1516 Railroad Pack 1.5" hexes
R2011 Power Line Booster Pack 2"
AM1 Afterburner Markers
R2005 Pacific Airfield WW2
N3 Star shell Marker
R3001 Chain Home Radar/Pinger Set 3"
AM3 1/600 Scale Airframe/Engine Damage Markers
N4 Naval Mines (8)
R1505 Pacific Airfield WW2 1.5" hexes
R2030 Midway Island 2" hex
R3002 Kep Airfield 3"
AM9 Cloud Cover (3" hex size)
R1518 Radar Site 1.5"
R1522 Infantry Positions 1.5" hex
R2031 Chain Home Radar 2"
R2017 Railroad Expansion Pack 2" hexes
R1521 Artillery Position 1.5" hex
IN2801 28mm Jungle Bunker
R1531 Chain Home Radar 1.5"
R1515 River/Railroad bridge crossing 1.5" hexes
R2012 Nuke Plant 2"
R1530 Midway Island 1.5" hex
1.5 Inch (38mm) Hex Based Terrain
2 Inch (51mm) Hex Based Terrain
3 Inch (76mm) Hex Based Terrain
Fight's On! accessories

Suez Canal Pontoon 1.5"/38mm
R1520Suez Canal Pontoon 1.5"/38mm $3.00
Suez Canal Pontoon 2"/50mm hex
R2020Suez Canal Pontoon 2"/50mm hex $3.00
Sun Edge Markers - 1.5" / 38mm
R1503Sun Edge Markers - 1.5" / 38mm $12.00
Sun Edge Markers - 2" / 50mm
R2003Sun Edge Markers - 2" / 50mm $15.00

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