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Adding GHQ as a mail order item. We stock 1/285 armor, aircraft and 1/2400 naval for WWI and WW2 periods. We generally have 10 tubs of product on hand. It's not enough, but it is an inventory level sales will support until conventions re-emerge.

While we can get any and all of their products, the above items are what we normally stock. Listings start 25 Jan 21 and will take some time to flesh out. Our normal stock price represents 15% off list price. We don't have it all in stock - the line is immense - but we'll start here.

Larger orders (greater than $300), please start the order in the shopping cart, let it sit and email me. We'll address special pricing through changes I can make in the shopping cart.

Listings fall in line with GHQ product codes. We don't show pictures of packs - that can be found on their website, and I view it as a lot of work for little return. For packs no longer made by GHQ, please see the surplus bin, you might find what you're looking for there. We have a few 40+ year old packs on hand in the surplus bin. If you recall the white 'new product' cards from the late 70's, yeah, it's amazing what shows up in collections from time to time...

We nominally order GHQ a month or so before major conventions (conventions, what are those????) and / or early in odd months (Jan, March, May, etc) as GHQ does new product releases at the end of even months. We're glad to order for you on this schedule, or for larger orders, please enquire as needed.

All miniatures sold are unpainted unless otherwise noted.


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