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These are our founding products, and after 30+ years, keep chugging right along. Thank you for your continued support and patronage, especially to a solid handful of customers who have 30+ years of business with us.
10 Feb 17
Presently, I have boxes on hand but am out of foam. Also, due to stock changes at a supplier, foam will no longer be available in blue - we'll have grey only
Pricing will be changing - yeah, going up, both due to price increases in boxes and foam. I do not know what the new prices will be. Open orders will of course be filled at the old price as ordered.

apologies and regards

IN-001 Panzer-Keeper
IN-001IN-001 Panzer-Keeper $3.29
IN-003A Mothball A
IN-003AIN-003A Mothball A $3.49
IN-003B Mothball 'B'
IN-003BIN-003B Mothball 'B' $3.79
IN-004AIN-004A Footlocker 'A' $3.79
IN-004B Footlocker 'B'
IN-004BIN-004B Footlocker 'B' $4.29
IN-004C Footlocker 'C'
0IN-004C Footlocker 'C' $4.29