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These are our founding products, and after 35+ years, keep chugging right along. Thank you for your continued support and patronage, especially to a solid handful of customers who have 35+ years of business with us.

23 Jan 21

We're adding 12, 24 and 36 pack qty of Panzer-Keepers. These prices reflect a modest quantity discount.

product codes will be IN-001 followed by a dash and then qty, so IN-001-12, 24 or 36.

Due to stock changes at a supplier, foam will no longer be available in blue - we have grey only.


New to the listing are perforated, blank foam and blank boxes. I've been working with some algorithms regarding postage. If the amount of postage seems high, save the order and contact me before cancelling an order. I'm not trying to make money on postage, just cover costs. I'll adjust as needed to treat folks fairly.

IN-005IN -005 set of perforated foam $1.50
IN-001-24IN-0001-24 Pack of 24 Panzer-Keepers $69.60
IN-001 Panzer-Keeper
IN-001IN-001 Panzer-Keeper $3.29
IN-001-12IN-001-12 Pack of 12 Panzer-Keepers $36.00
IN-001-36IN-001-36 Pack of 36 Panzer-Keepers $100.00
IN-001BIN-001B Empty Panzer-Keeper box $2.00
IN-003 emptyIN-003 Box - empty box $2.50
IN-003A Mothball A
IN-003AIN-003A Mothball A $3.79
IN-003B Mothball 'B'
IN-003BIN-003B Mothball 'B' $4.29
IN-004 EmptyIN-004 Empty $3.00
IN-004AIN-004A Footlocker 'A' $4.29
IN-004B Footlocker 'B'
IN-004BIN-004B Footlocker 'B' $4.79
IN-004C Footlocker 'C'
IN-004CIN-004C Footlocker 'C' $4.59
IN-006IN-006 Set of blank foam $1.30
IN-007IN-007 3/8" thick unperforated foam $0.90
IN-008IN-008 1/8" thick unperforated foam $0.40