We have 5 new  / redone releases as of today, 17 Nov 23. All are in 1/285 scale (The One True Scale...).

HOL-001 - Fokker DXXI. This is a one piece casting. $4. This is a completely new master from the initial release in 2008

HOL-002 - Fokker DXXI with skis. This is a three piece casting. To add the skis, the wheel pants have to be cut off just above the pant and the skis epoxied into position. $4.50. This is a completely new miniature.

RUS-002 - Tupolev SB-2 with M-100 engine / barn door radiator.  This is a completely new master from the initial release in 2008.  $4.

RUS-003 - Tupolev SB-2 with gun turret and M-103 engine and more streamlined radiator.  This is a completely new master from the initial release in 2008.  $4.

JAP-021 - Nakajima Ki-21 II / Sally II.  $6


Updates on new stuff.

F-100C and F. Releases Oct 11, 2023. While we've made a F-100C for years, the book Fighting the Phoenix was a good excuse to redo the mini as well as release the F-100F, Wild Weasel version of the F-100.

For Fall-In release, 2 scenario books.

From Skirmish Campaigns, Pining for the Fjords, Norway 1940. Playtesting complete and off to press it goes. Never thought this corner of WW2 would support a book. Scenarios have been a treat to playtest.  This book is posted on the CY6 products, though unavailable for order. If you need one, let me know and I'll write up a statement for you. Taking reservations for pickup at Fall-In as well.

From I-94 Enterprises (us...) 

A Brian DeWitt effort. Battles Above 4, Russian Front from Winter War and Continuation War to the end of WW2 and points in between. Presently 72 pages including stats and introduction. We have the 1st serious round of proof reading and editing done, one to go.  This should be a blast. Brian has a good cross section of action represented. 

See you at Fall-In, Lancaster, PA.


Decal restock / reprint of some / new items

Photos with product description.

Restock of US-105 - US Low Visibility Markings for 1/600-1/200

Restock of GR-104, 106, 110, 111. 

New stuff. 

US-111 - US insignia for 1/56 armor. Circled stars only, sizes of 10,15,25 and 36" in scale

GR-125, 126. 1/56 armor insignia for WW2 German. GR-125 is mid - late war insignia, GR-125 is WW2 armor insignia / crosses in 1/56, sized at scale 30/40/50 cm. This is both black / white and white late war low vis insignia.

GR-126 - 1/56 armor insignia for WW2 German early war + registration (license plates) and gun barrel kill markings.

Insignia are in scale at 20/30/40 cm.

GR-123. Contains markings / insignia for WW2 early war German (white / yellow crosses) + Bulgarian, Hungarian. and Romanian insignia.


We take delivery of the new CY6! Jet Age scenario book on Friday July21 likely about 10-11 am. Scott Fisher plays delivery dude and brings them to us at the show.


New goodies, Raiden 1/285 scale

USA-125, F-18E Hornet. $6

RUS-111, MiG-21 PFM, $3. This is a plane in the new book.

GER-002, He-51, 1930's biplane released. $4.  Completely redone master and mini as compared to the initial release in 2008.

Always thought this was just a pretty airplane.

This is a 2 pc miniature

5 July 23

A slightly belated celebratory July4. 247 years as a nation. Yayyyyy.

Retail $25.

RUS-111, MiG-21MF.  $3. This plane is in the new book, above.

USA-125, F-18E Hornet. $6.

We will have a number of new releases before the end of July and they are

RUS-007 Yak-1 (with turtledeck) RUS-009, Yak-1B. Both retail $3.

Then the August releases should be:

RUS-012 Yak-7; RUS-013, Yak-9 both at $3 each

RUS-015, Pe-2, estimated retail price $4.

New decals on the horizon (before H'Con) addressing 1/285 German armor, 1/56 US and German WW2 armor. 

GHQ is now stocking our decal line.

I pack for Historicon Tuesday, July 18 and leave the morning of the 19th. If you need us to bring something for pickup at the show, please let us know no later than noon on the 18th.

Roll well.


USA-114, F-5E Tiger II is released and is in stock. $3.00


Back from a couple of funerals. Aunt was 90. Dad was 98. Pretty much caught up on stuff.

GHQ now stocking our 1/285 /6mm decals. They are sold in GHQ's header card. We bag them, they add a product label.

July releases.

RUS-110. MiG-21MF. RUS-111 PFM in time for Historicon. Target price $3 each.

USA-114, F-5E Tiger II. $3.

All 3 above planes are in the Check Your 6! book covering the Iran/Iraq war.

In the works, Aug'23 releases, likely Nashcon. 

Redo of USA-25, B-25J gun nose. Last years' release was thin and fragile in the wings outside the engine nacelles.

USA-125, F-18E Hornet. One piece casting. 

GER-002, He-51. 30's / SCW biplane fighter, 2 pc model, top wing and fuselage with integral landing gear.

In the works, Sept '23 release.

Redo of GER-26, Ju-88A. Bringing this casting up to modern standards. Ju-88C will be released as well.

Redo of USA-106, F-100 and releasing the F-100F for Fighting the Phoenix, the new CY6 book debuting at Historicon.

Redo of USA-003, SBD Dauntless. 

Yak-1B, Yak-7 and Pe-2 in support of an upcoming book.

Communication may be pokey till mid June. All inquiries will be answered. Gotta go bury dad and an aunt. He drove B-24's and was one of the design chief engineers at the Detroit Tank Arsenal. He was the guy for the M-108/109 platforms. Taking mom for an extended visit to see folks where they grew up in mid Tennessee. No contributions needed. An educated, skilled, civilized family is a good legacy.

1 April 23

Fast year so far. 

New stuff we're working on....

Decals for 1/56 / Bolt Action armor. 

Should have mid late June.

Ju-88C. Gun nose version of the Ju-88 workhorse.

MiG-21 - 2 variants. New masters for both.

F-100C and F-100F. 100C will be completely remastered. Not happy with what I have. F-100F will be all new and purdy as well. 

F-5E. Long overdue. 

New books on horizon.

Per the fine folks at Skirmish Campaigns.

Historicon release for Iran / Irag book, Fall-IN release for Fiords Among the Pines.

Iran / Iraq War. Includes some USA / bad guy dustups as well as a couple Turkey / Iraq. Lots of knock down / drag outs from the 1980-88 War.

Fiords Among the Pines. Norway 1940. Surprised at the depth and scope of this book. Solid, tough scenarios. Hey, Skua power.....ack. I've been in on a few playtest scenarios. Good stuff. This is written by the gents who wrote both Under Southern Skies and Desperate Measures.

No ideas to actual titles or prices. We shall see.

Brian DeWitt is working up an Eastern Front WW2 book, his 4th on WW2. Confirmed some Russian / Finnish scenarios as well. I've not been told what planes are involved or quantities, but if Brian stays true to form, you'll need a snow shovel for a couple scenarios. This is one I'll be publishing. Slated for Fall-In'23 release.

1 Jan 23

Wishing You and Yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Spartacon XXXII (seems like more than that...)  7 Jan 23. 

usual format for the most part, games are 9-1, 2-6, 7-11.

$15 admission includes all the bad tactics and crummy die rolls you can muster.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

12250 Old U.S. 27, Dewitt, MI 48820

A bit north of Lansing

We'll be running a CY6 game from the new book, Under Southern Skies. Japanese and Aussie dogfight at 2pm.

New release. SWE-101, Saab Viggen. Completely remastered. $4. In stock.


A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all. Looking forward of my prayers for politicians with intellect, common sense, honor and dignity to run and be elected....sigh

Sale. GHQ-AC-017, F-15A. Cancelled special order results in more than I need on hand, so away they go.

7 pcs (initial posting today) at $8.34 each. New stock.

New resin products. Part numbers 2400-01,2,3 and 4. These are 1" square resin bases with 1,2,3 or 4 posts for mounting 1/2400-1/3000 aircraft minis, often used as an adjunct for naval minis. There is a small countersink provided for easy drilling for a mounting pin or brad. Pins can be fixed / glued or left loose, customer choice. We supply the base. You make the hole. Packed 3 alike for $5, we'll have photos posted in early January '23.


Fall-In this Friday - Sunday, Nov 4-6. If you need something set aside, please holler. We're booth 709

New stuff. Raiden, 1/285 aircraft. 

USA-25, B-25J w/ strafer nose. $5.50

RUS-14, Tu-2. $4.00

CincyCon. March 3/4/5 2023. Location details to follow.

Cold Wars - March 10-12,2023 Valley Forge Casino / Resort, Valley Forge, PA. www.hmgs,org

Back from Advance the Colors. Show just keeps getting better. Well done, gents.


Delayed, but back from Nashcon. Another nice show, interesting tournaments and lovely terrain.

As of today, 29 Aug, we now own the Fight's On! line of (mostly) aviation gaming goodies. Rob and Sandy of Fight's On! made us a deal we couldn't refuse.

Not all of the line will be resurrected, only the top (resin) sellers will be along with a chunk of the 'pipe cleaner' and fuzzy altered craft store items have made the cut. The rest of the molds have been destroyed. I'll have a listing up of what the line will be by Labor Day, 4 Sept 22. Let's just say goodbye to the flak puffs......

29 July 22

Back from Historicon. Good show. Great to see folks after a couple years of Wuhan Weapons lab leaks and gummint restrictions on freedom. 

New decal release. 

MI-121. Flags for Australia, Canada and New Zealand in various sizes.

17 July 22

Historicon - we are booth 409 (hmm, engine size of days past...Chevy).

In Check Your 6! news, the new book 'Under Southern Skies' is in stock and makes its' debut at DayCon, Dayton, Ohio on July 15. Aircraft roster, mini manufacturer (Raiden, MSD) qty needed and usage in scenarios listed. See 'Under Southern Skies' product, it's listed toward the bottom of the description.

DayCon will see release of USA-128 F-22 and JAP-026, A6M2-N Rufe.


A Blessed and Reverent Memorial Day to you. Visit a gravesite, attend a parade and enjoy the day

RUS-108 - Il-28 Beagle. Single piece casting. $6.50 retail.

Clearing the bench next week and off for master casting. USA-128, F-22 Raptor (I prefer the name Lightning II), but the USAF disagrees. sigh.

Lined up for Historicon. We will be running at least 1 game, non PEL. 

13 April 22

Unable to attend Adepticon last month due to ailing parents. I look forward to being there next year. 

Prepping for Little Wars, Chicago, next week. 

Upcoming goodies. 

Expected release date is late June for USA-25, B-25J Mitchell / gun nose. Price $5.

Expected release date for RUS-14, Tu-2 is late June '22. Revisions needed presently. Expected price $4.

1 Feb 22

Price hike coming on magnets. Boy, did they go up. In general, 50%...more to follow.

23 Jan'22

We were invited to attend Adepticon, Chicago, March of 22. We are planning to attend.

Dates have been set for Little Wars, Historicon and Fall-In this year. We expect to attend all 3.


Email received from HMGS board this morning cancelling Cold Wars '22 due to a variety of reasons. They announced they are moving it away from Ocean City MD to places unknown for 2023 and 2024. I think the Ocean City idea was a bad one from the start and it is best left dead.


Spartacon - Jan 8 2022 - new location.

Dewitt VFW Hall, 12250 Old US 27, Dewitt, MI.  48820

Contact Chris Maes (517) 420-8122 / christopher.maes0@gmail.com

$15 admission fee. Site costs / location / service or lack thereof forcing multiple changes.

Hall opens at 8am for general entry.

6 Nov 21

Historicon / Fall In (combined), Nov 10-14. There as a dealer - booth 608 and running two theme games as well.

F19:244: Fighter Brawl Over France - Nov'39 - Check Your 6! — Theme Friday, 7:00 PM, 4 hr, 12 player max.


S19:246: Tenacious Defenders - Check Your 6! — Theme Saturday, 7:00 PM, 4 hr. 12 player max

New release for Historicon / Fall-In. Available NOW.

Colorful Skies 3, WWI air combat scenarios, authored by Brian DeWitt.

Focus is British and Italian actions in Italy vs Central Powers.

76 pages, oodles of scenarios, new aircraft stats and aircraft roster in book.

Now to nag Brian into a book with focus on French air actions.

Keith Eshelman is running 2 games from an upcoming Japanese / Aussie / US book covering actions in / around Australia, 1 game each on Friday and Saturday.

12 Oct 21

We'll be at CincyCon, Cincinnati, OH, Oct 22/23/24

Assuming cooperative weather, we expect to be at Daycon, Dayton, OH on 4 Dec.

New release - ITA-008, CR 32. This is a 3 pc casting.

Spartacon , Lansing, Mi, Jan 8 2022

Causeway Bay Lansing Hotel / Convention Center

facebook, @spartacongaming or Chris Maes, 517 420-8112


Twenty Years. Never Forget. Never Forgive. Do not tolerate minimizing of what happened that day.

New Release

Raiden RUS-006, Il-2m3 Sturmovik.  $4. Single piece casting in 1/285 scale.

23Aug 21

Back from Nashcon. Nice show, impressed. Good folks, well run, 9 tournaments running at one time on Saturday. Impressive. Our intention is to return.

Planes. RUS 006, Il-2m3, 2 seat Sturmovik headed to production molding. Should be in hand mid September.....Retail $4.


POL 1 and POL 2, Pzl 11 and 24 respectively are now available. A 3 piece miniature with landing gear and integral struts form a good subassembly and key into the fuselage bottom. Retail is $4, as are the newer releases which are expected to be low volume sellers. This one was a bugger to master, it turned out well and it's a nice model. And yeah, the open canopy on the 11 has a pilot. 

Goody. Price hikes as described below on the horizon.

Postage increases at the end of August. I'll try to have the ramifications noted by the end of July. I do not foresee an increase in standard letter based postage worthy of passing on to the customer (you...). Package increases, I must evaluate.

Metal prices. Since the move away from high lead based products 25 - 30 years ago, a higher percentage of the metal used in miniatures is tin (Sn for those who remember the periodic table). Tin prices are up 50% on the year. A great deal of the tin mined today comes from the western Pacific region and increased demand is outpacing productivity increases. Prices may drop if another Australian mine reopens. Assuming the folks there are 'allowed to leave their homes and go to work'....

Translation. Metal used in minis is getting pricier. Tin had been running at $10 or so per pound for a few years. It's at $15 presently with intermittently higher spot prices. As its' uses are largely industrial in nature (bronze, solders, plating), our hobby doesn't contribute to a great effect on prices but we certainly see market price changes.. 

For what we make and sell, this affects primarily GHQ and our Raiden products. I expect similar announcements from MSD and Viking Forge.

Raiden pricing.. I expect to not increase prices here at present. I do expect the price of tin to drop late in the year.

GHQ. I can't eat that price hike, and their prices will be going up as noted on their website such that the basic pack of armor will be $12.95 from $11.95. That's 8% since their last hike 10 years ago. I will be reviewing their prices shortly and adjusting prices accordingly. The GHQ price hike is effective 1 Aug 21.

Conventions  - looks a return to rolling bad dice in a venue.

Nashcon, Nashville, Tn. Aug 20, 21, 22. Our first time there. We will be at Nashcon and running a CY6 demo game Friday and Saturday

Pro or Con - 2 October, Livonia, Michigan. We will be there.

Advance the Colors. 2 October, Springfield, Ohio. Same day as Pro or Con, which is a lot closer for us.  Still, a good show.

Historicon - Nov 10-14, King of Prussia, PA. We will be there and likely run a game Friday evening.


Well, sad news. My daughter, diagnosed with cancer in Jan'20, has passed away. Cory died 7July, age 43 years 8 months on 7July'21. 

New decal releases will continue albeit at a greatly reduced rate. New aircraft minis will all but stop for most of the rest of the year, though the Pzl 11 and 24 are now available. I'd expect the Il2m3 (2 seat Sturmovik) will be a late  September release.

I had been at her place in Fort Worth, Texas for the most part since mid May to assist her as well as help her husband with the kids as needed. Kids are 10 and not quite 7.

I am presently back in Michigan.

For those calling into the shop, best times to get a phone answered are eastern, 9-11 am,, 1-4pm and 7-9 pm 7 days. Direct line to the shop is 269 945 3185.

Prayers gratefully and humbly appreciated. Thank you.



Little Wars - April 29,30. May 1,2.  Vendors open for crass commercial sales on Friday noon.


The Westin Chicago Lombard Hotel, 70 Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL 60148,


Thu, Apr 29 2021, 6:00pm - 11:45pm

Fri, Apr 30 2021, 9:00am - 11:45pm

Sat, May 1 2021, 9:00am - 11:45pm

Sun, May 2 2021, 9:00am - 5:00pm

New stuff. 

Air-Pirates, scenarios for air combat, SE Asia, USAF vs. N. Vietnam. 48 pages. $25. 

29March 21

Historicon 21 cancelled / moved to combine with Fall-In, Valley Forge, PA. 4 day show.

Adding our stock of GHQ minis to the website. WW2 naval done, WWI next. Viking Forge ships are also listed. Russian, UK and US WWII armor listed.


JAP 023, G3M2 Nell is released and available. Retail $6. 

Next up, A6M2-N Rufe, PzL 11, 24, then Il-2m3 Sturmovik

RUS-109, Su-25 is now available. $5 retail price.

New decals - RU-112, USSR / Russian flags; MI-101, playing card symbols (reprint, update); UK-128, British armor markings / insignia available.

Update on F-15C. Still work to do on masters. Likely mid / late May..Picture is on website.

Il2m3 follows, likely late April.  Target price $3.50

8 Feb 21

Raiden planes GBR-107, Gloster Javelin and GBR-108, BAE Harrier are back in stock.

On an old guy sad note, Squadron Shop (mail order only for a number of years) is no more. A Detroit area staple of the 70's and 80's as well as stores placed around the country, they weren't competitive as things changed. Read recently that during the 60's, an estimated 80% of boys built plastic models. I suspect it's presently on the low side of 10% of that number today.

23 Jan 21

We've added bulk price packs of Panzer-Keepers in quantities of 12, 24 and 36 pcs. Our packaging is set up for these quantities so it only makes sense to offer these quantities. On the tab 'No Conventions' tab on the left side of the main page, we're running a sale regarding painted aircraft or on aircraft prices when painting is arranged through our house painter, Chris Geisert. Without conventions, he's dead slow, so what better way to increase his work load by through overt capitalism....

18 Jan'21...

Little Wars, Chicago is scheduled but is to run with attendance restrictions. Please check their website for prelimary information

June is shaping up to have 2 interesting air game days, one in Milwaukee, the other in Dayton. I've contacted the 2 gents in charge of each show in an attempt to avoid both shows on the same day. Air Con (Milwaukee) is slated for 12 June 21 at the Harley-Davidson Museum, Show is slated to run 10:30am-9:15pm Central Time. 

Gent running it, Pete Aguilu - his email....   Lord_cheerios@hotmail.com.  

For Dayton / Check Your 6! Day, Tom Oxley is the contact. 

I am unaware of anything as regards CincyCon (typically early March), Drums at Ft. Meigs (Toledo area). Battlefields, usually early - mid March (Detroit) has been cancelled.

1 Dec 20

Spartacon, Lansing, Michigan, January '21 is cancelled. All Hail The Wuhan Weapons Lab Virus and The Big Gretch.

Available and in stock, POL 003, Pzl 23 Karas. Single engine 30's and early WW2 light bomber / recon. Like a number of our expected low volume new releases, it carries a $1 premium, so a $4 model.

20 Nov 20

New / reworked decals

BR-102. British WW2 armored insignia (desert rats, 1st Arm, others) for 15/20mm. 

SF-101, hazard ./ warning stripes in yellow / black

LW-103. Reprint / improved USN lettering in white

BR-119 - British census numbers, white, 15/20mm.

Update on my daughters cancer battle. October analysis at MD Anderson, Houston, showed good response to chemo treatments with comment regarding initial diagnosis of 50% at 2 years pessimistic. Cancer doc mentioned she should - should - handily be good for 5  years or better.. We fight the fight. Your very generous thoughts, prayers and financial contributions have and are appreciated. I've been humbled by the response. Thank you very much.


2 Nov 20.

Now available, JAP 30, Ki-49 Helen. WW2 Japanese medium bomber. Will have a few scenarios in an upcoming book.1 pc casting in 1/285th scale, $6.00


Back a couple days from the show in Lake Geneva. Autumn Wars, the fall adjunct of Little Wars, HMGS Midwest out of the Chicago area. Good time, nice games.

Status on Pzl 11 and 24. Battles with masters and struts. I will be victorious. The fighters will be 3 pc castings in our usual way of easy assembly.

5 Oct 20.

Pictures posted of USA-134, A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka, Warthog). Released 2 Oct '20 so as to make the HMGS show in Lake Geneva on Oct 8-10.

Prayers for my daughter seem to be helping. Her tumors are greatly reduced from January diagnosis, but it's a battle. Thank you.

29 Aug 20

USA-119, B-66 Destroyer now available. 3 pc casting, airframe + 2 nacelles.  $11. Debuts in upcoming rule book.


ITA-010, CanT Z 1007 bomber available. $8.  Clean, pretty airplane


For those wondering, yes, we are still open. One of the advantages of estate manufacturing (everything on property) means, yeah, we're open. Running low / out on a few items - we're not completely vertically integrated - but overall, not bad at all.

In less cheery news, my adult daughter Cory - who used to get drug along to numerous conventions 25-30 years ago - has recently been diagnosed with cancer at age 42. Diagnosis is stage 4 colon cancer. Low survival rate. She lives in Fort Worth, Tx, so 1170 miles from me. Horrid news.. As the sole breadwinner of her family, while she has a solid bank account, it's gonna be a drain.
Below is linked a Go Fund Me site for any contributions you care to make. One of her friends in Fort Worth, Texas started it. My contributions are in the form of a check to her off the GFM page.

any contributions are gratefully and prayerfully accepted.

15 Nov 19
Available / new release
GBR 109, Hawker Sea Hawk. Hawker's 1st foray into jets. Straight wing attack plane.  $3.50.
New CY6! Jet Age book is in stock. Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club..   Retail is $25.

basic aircraft roster with Raiden stock numbers is:

F-4 x 5           USA 104
F-8 x 6           USA 103
A-1 x 4           USA 132
A-4 x 12         USA 102 
A-6A x 6        MSD model.USM-029
SH-2 x 1        n/a

MiG-17F x 11       RUS 103
MiG-19 x 1           RUS 101
MiG-21 x 3           RUS 104

Roll well.


General updates.
New release - GBR 32, Bristol Blenheim I   $5.00
added a line item - USA-42-3. This is a 3 pack of USA 42, B-17G. Retail $33, price is $29.

And goodbye to an acquaintance of many years. Mark VanNortwick. Died today, 8Oct19. Lansing denizen and all around good guy.

1 July 19
Photos of USA-123, F-16C unpainted & painted on website.
Retail price $4.

16 June 19
New release.
GER 037, FW-190D. $3.

10 June 2019
Effective today, we've purchased and taken delivery of the Scale Specialties lines of decals. These superb decals target 1/160 aircraft and armor, 1/285-1/300 aircraft and 10 mm Samurai. 

29 May 19
New stuff - released today..
JAP 006. Ki-67 Peggy  $6.00
SWE 004 Saab Gripen $4.00

Expected release 30 May 19

LL-100. Numbers / letters in blue. Sizes are .06,.08,10".
MI-119. Canadian, German armor insignia in 1/285 / 6mm scale and chevrons in black and white. This will obsolete sheet MI-107.
MI-120. Ambulance decals in 1/285 / 6mm

Memorial Day. Thankful prayers for those who died in service.
Historicon update.  Per GHQ, they are not attending Historicon. We will be bringing our stock of GHQ armor and ships. We will be ordering GHQ on June 9. If there is anything you need / want to pick up from us GHQ related, please let me know no later than noon June 9.
We're next to George Nafziger, hoping some of his smarts will fall upon us. 

May 17,18
Drums at Ft. Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio.
Nice Friday evening / Saturday show at Ft. Meigs, a chokepoint on the Maumee River dating to War of 1812. Show admission does not pay for admission to the Fort, which is worthwhile in its' own right.

20 April 19.
Little Wars, HMGS MIdwest, Lombard, Illinois (Chicago suburb) April 26/27/28

7 March 19
4 new items from MSD games, 1/285 aircraft.
UK-063. Supermarine Walrus. 4 pc assembly. $6.
UK-064 Supermarine Spitfire Mk XXI. $3.
US-087 Grumman J2F5 Duck. 4 pc assembly. $6.

26 Jan 19
Announcement and pictures of 2 new planes. USA-124, F-16 Falcon w/ conformal fuel tanks and USA 129, A-4 F / N Skyhawk with ECM hump. 

9 March 19
Battlefields, Elks Hall, Livonia, Michigan
Very good historically centered 1 day show.

14-17 March 19
Cold Wars, Lancaster Host, Lancaster, PA.

2 Dec 18
New item Dec 10. USA 38, B-26C Marauder

GBR 028, Mosquito FB Mk VI in stock. $5.00. 

Reprints / upgrades / revisions of a few items
MI 100 - Pool balls, dice, playing card images - junque / stuff to decorate tanks, planes and generally turn the open space on some minis into something purdy to look at. Covers 1/300 - 1/144 planes, armor from 10-25mm. 
MI 105 - Polish insignia. Revised, updated and includes both the formal insignia + images of the Polish Falcon in white, red and red on white. Suitable for 1/300 - 1/144 aircraft as well as armor 10-25mm.

Upcoming conventions. 
Advance the Colors, Springfield, Ohio. Oct 5,6,7. We are there for Friday and Saturday only, no presence on Sunday.
Rock Con et al. Rockford, Ill, Oct 19/20/21. We're there all 3 days.
Pro or Con, Livonia, Michigan. Oct 27. A nice one day show at an Elks' Hall in Livonia. 
Fall-In, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Nov 9/10/11. Last year for Fall-In being at the Host.

Historicon July 12-15, Lancaster, PA. 
We're at booth 108 on the mezzanine.

12 March 18
We have 2 new CY6 compatible scenario books for the show and in stock right now..
Battles Above 3 written by Brian DeWitt. Covers WW2 Pacific actions from Dec 1941 to July 1945.  70+ scenarios. Stock number BLD 106

Desperate Measures deals with the Japanese missions from Oct 1944-My 1945. 48 scenarios, well referenced and with a good amount of maps. SGG 01. Authors are Steve Reid, Gary Archer and George Paler.
While the new books have an overlap of covered time, there are no duplicate scenarios between them.

6 Feb 18
Re release of JAP 18, Ki-21 Sally and a new release, JAP 29, Ki-48 Lily.

6 Dec 17
New product, IN-301. Pack of 10 palm trees (5cm, 2 inch). $4 per pack.

11 Sept 17
16 years ago. Never forget. Never trivialize

5 July 17.
New airplane from Raiden Miniatures
ITA 007, Fiat CR 42. 3 pc model of this famous biplane fighter. $3.50
Two new scenario books compatible with Check Your 6! will debut at Historicon, July 13-16. They are:
Battles Above 1 - Europe, a compendium of scenarios from early to late war. 70 scenarios, $35 retail. Stock # BLD 103.
Battles Above 2 - Malta, Crete and some North Africa scenarios. 32 scenarios, $25 retail. Stock number BLD 104

1 June 2017
New release in 1/285 scale. JAP-25, Ki-27 Nate. $3.00. To me, one of the prettier planes ever made.

3 new planes. All on hand and waiting for your loving caress.

GBR-27 Bristol Beaufighter - $5.00
USA-133 Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star - $3.00
FRA-107 Mirage F-1 - $3.00

26 March17 
Battle set 7 is available. It includes all the planes and decals needed for the scenario book 'Crusaders Over 'Nam'.  It is code BAS 007.

22March 17

Decals - Reprints / back in stock
BR-101, LB-102 - revised and upgraded.
US-118 and US 119 have been revised, upgraded and reprinted as 1 sheet - US-118. US 119 has been discontinued.

17March 17.
We have picked up the line of hex game mats from Monday Knight Productions. Initially, we'll stock 1-1/2" and 2" in green and blue

In stock, a CY6 compatible scenario book, 'Crusaders Over 'Nam'. Smaller in scope with only 11 scenarios, it retails for $18.

We expect the following planes to be available as of 21 April
GBR 27, Bristol Beaufighter; JAP 25, Ki-27 Nate; USA 133, F-80 Shooting Star; FRA-107, MIrage F-1; Cr-42.
While the F-80 flew in WW2, it didn't fire its' guns in anger until Korea, so it is in the post WW2 section

28 Dec 16
A belated Blessed and Merry Christmas to One and All. Wishing you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
New Goodies, available and in stock
RUS 11 - I-153. Finally. $3.50
GBR 23 - Bristol Blenheim IV - $5.00

New stuff, 1/285 aircraft.. They'll make their debut at Advance the Colors, Springfield, Ohio, this weekend.
GER 033 - Do-17Z  $6.00
GER 030 - Me-262A $3.00
JAP 024 - Ki-84 Frank $3.00
FRA 004 - Br-693  $3.50
GBR 030 - Defiant $3.00
GBR 033 - Blenheim IVF $5.00 

I'll keep it short. 1/285 Goblintooth / Hostile Aircraft. Minis and rules in stock, Decals have to be evaluated to see if they are fit for use.
Much more to follow. MSD miniatures, which we offer, has resurrected the line

New stuff.
USA-121. F-14 Tomcat in 1/285, $6 

Since Historicon 2015
BR-127 - British flags. Union Jack, St. George's and St. Andrews crosses
GR-121 - German names, black, target is 15mm armor. Emphasis on historical names, famous leaders and Norse mythology. They should work well for 1/200-1/300 bomber / larger aircraft.
GR-122  -Same as GR-121 but in white.  GR-121 is shown in the description photo for clarity. White doesn't scan well
FR-103 - French flag decals

CAN 101, CF-100 . New master.
RUS 106, Su-17 (swept wing configuration)
GER 009 / 010. Has been combined into one stock number - GER 009 - Hs-129 will contain 1 each 30mm gun pack and 75 mm gun. GER 010 will be dropped as a stock number.

24 Dec 15
End of the year updates, comments, etc.
As with a lot of folks with mini companies, this is the 2nd job. My 'real job' responsibilities have kept me swamped the past couple of months, not leaving much time to devote to new products, much less keeping the website updated.

There are a number of updates on the MSD line of 1/285 planes. I'd expect to get photos up shortly. Some of the new releases are PB4Y Privateer, YB-40 Fortress Gunship, Fokker G-1, Lockheed PV-2 Ventura, Ki-30 Ann, de Haviiland Venom, CR-32 and CR-42.

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to One and All.

New planes. GBR-29, Hawker Typhoon
USA 132, Douglas A-1 Skyraider
USA 23, B-25B Mitchell