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6mm selections from Les Batiments (we puchased this May of 2010).
An extensive line of features, earthworks and buildings / fortifications, the line is larger than the listing. Please see the I-94 Enterprises website (www.I-94Enterprises.com) for more selections.


06-FT-G-00306-FT-G-003 Set of 5 bunkers $10.00
06-FT--G-00206-FT-G-003 VF-1A group bunker $10.00
06-IN-00706-IN-007 Ruined factory / machine shop in 6mm $8.50
P-12P-12 6mm 3 arch stone bridge $5.50
P-13P-13 6mm 1 arch stone bridge $5.50
P-14P-14 Ruined stone bridge in 6mm $3.00
P-16P-16 6mm, 3 small bridges $7.50
P-17P-17 3 tiny bridges in 6mm $3.00
T-106AT-106A 6mm Railway Trestle Bridge $5.00
T-107T-107 6mm Small Stone Bridges, set of 2. $4.75
T-108T-108 6mm Small Stone Bridges, set of 2 $4.75
T-112T-112 Light Flak bunkers in 6mm, set of 3. $4.75
T-115T-115 6mm Wood '88' Flak pits $6.75
T-12T-12 6mm Military post, shelter, flak platform $14.00
T-122T-122 6mm Tank Dugouts / hull down positions $3.75
T-5T-5 curved Railroad track in 6mm $3.00
T-7T-7 RR ends / stops in 6mm $4.00
T-6Y-6 Straight RR track in 6mm $9.00