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Battles Above-WW2 ScenariosBattles Above-WW2 Scenarios
WW2 Scenario books compatible with Check Your 6! 3 scenario books as of March 2018 and a new one due Nov'23
Check Your 6!Check Your 6!
Colorful Skies WW I ScenariosColorful Skies WW I Scenarios
Compatible with Check Your 6!
Desparate Measures SGG01Desparate Measures SGG01
Late WW2 Pacific focused on the period of kamikaze actions with escort. Japanese forces - IJN, JAAF - vs USN, USAAF, Royal Navy and Australian Air Forces.
Jet Age Scenario booksJet Age Scenario books
2 titles as of this writing, Crusaders Over 'Nam and Air Pirates
Luftwaffe 1946Luftwaffe 1946

Check Your 6! - Jet Age Rules
SK-CY6 JACheck Your 6! - Jet Age Rules $30.00
Check Your 6! - Korean War scenario book
SK-CY6-JAKCheck Your 6! - Korean War scenario book $22.00
CY6! - Crisis in Kashmir - Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
SC-04-10CY6! - Crisis in Kashmir - Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 $22.00
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
SC-04-12Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club $23.00