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GHQ and CinC microarmor, planes, ships, etc
Added Green's books (Fighters, Vol 1-4), the small (5" x 5-1/2" books) from the 60's. Part of a collection I picked up, selling off the surplus
Added Squadron 6094 USS Tennessee in WWII and B-29 Combat Chronicles

26Dec20. Added the rest of the GHQ aircraft and helicopters. None remain in stock, it's all in in the Surplus Bin.....

MS-73MS-73 Nieuport 11 Bebe $4.00
Osprey AoA 91Osprey Aircraft of Aces 91 - F2A Buffalo $11.00
SS 26011Squadron Signal USS Massachusetts On Deck $10.00
USS Tennessee in WW2
SS6094USS Tennessee in WW2 $7.00
War Planes Vol 1War Planes vol 1 - Green, 1963 printing $6.00
War planes, Fighters, Green, vol 2War Planes vol 2 - Green, 1968 printing $6.00
War Planes, Fighters, Green, Vol 3War Planes, Fighters,, Green, Vol 3 $6.00

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