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GHQ and CinC microarmor, planes, ships, etc
Added a few items after buying a small collection at Historicon - July'19
Added a few more GHQ items, 26Sept19
Added Green's books (Fighters, Vol 1-4), the small (5" x 5-1/2" books) from the 60's. Part of a collection I picked up, selling off the surplus
Added Squadron 6094 USS Tennessee in WWII and B-29 Combat Chronicles

B-29 Combat Chronicles
Squadron 36002B-29 Combat Chronicles $7.00
US-101CinC US-101 M-4A3 w/ sandbags $7.00
CinC F-13 VBC-90CinC F-13 VBC-90 $4.00
CinC G-1CinC G-1 Pz I $6.00
G-124CinC G-124 50mm mortar team $3.00
CinC G-2CinC G-2 Pz IIB $6.00
CinC G-22CinC G-22 Leopard 1A2 $5.25
CinC G-54CinC G-54 Wehrmacht Infantry $4.00
CinC G-73CinC G-73 JagdPanzer Rakete / Jaguar I $5.00
CinC R-47CinC R-47 $5.00
CinC US-131CinC US-131 Infantry $3.50
CinC US-29CinC US-29 M1 Abrams $5.00
CinC US-59CinC US-59 LVTR-7 Amph Recovery $4.00
CinC US-82CinC US-82 M-47 Patton $5.00
US-84CinC US-84 M-4 Sherman 75 w/ HVSS $7.00
US-86CinC US-86 M-4 / 105 HVSS $7.00
US-88CinC US-88 M4A2 Sherman 76 HVSS $7.00
AC-59GHQ AC-59 Fiat CR 42 $5.00
N-119GHQ N-119 Sabre Recce AFV $7.00
N-29GHQ N-29 Centurion V / AVRE $7.00

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