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GHQ and CinC microarmor, planes, ships, etc
Added a few items after buying a small collection at Historicon - July'19
Added a few more GHQ items, 26Sept19
Added Green's books (Fighters, Vol 1-4), the small (5" x 5-1/2" books) from the 60's. Part of a collection I picked up, selling off the surplus
Added Squadron 6094 USS Tennessee in WWII and B-29 Combat Chronicles

B-29 Combat Chronicles
Squadron 36002B-29 Combat Chronicles $7.00
G-124Cin C G-124 50mm mortar team $4.00
R-5Cin C R-5 Su-100 $6.00
US-128Cin C US-128 .30 MG team $4.00
F-14CinC F-14 AMX-DCA 30mm AA track $3.25
F-15CinC F-15 Panhard 178 Armored Car $6.00
G-119CinC G-119 SdKfz 233 $4.50
G-12CinC G-12 Pz VD Panther D $5.00
G-120CinC G-120SdKfz 7/1 Quad 20 $4.00
G-127CinC G-127 Infantry Squad Stands $4.50
G-20CinC G-20 Pz VI Tiger I $5.50
G-27CinC G-27 Pz IVH medium tank $5.50
G-69CinC G-69 SfKfz 10-4 $5.00
G-70CinC G-70 Pz IIF light tank $3.25
G-81CinC G-81 Pz Ib Befehlswagen $5.00
G-89CinC G-89 Opel Tanker $6.00
IT-4CinC IT-4 AB 40 Armored car $6.00
IT-5CinC IT-5 AB-41 $6.00
R-38CinC R-38 JS-1 $5.00
R-39CinC R-39 JS-2 $6.00

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