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Jan'19. Pictures posted, items listed, USA 124 and USA 129
Apr'17 - USA 133, F-80 released

A-4E Skyhawk(No Hump) + Drop Tanks
USA 102A-4E Skyhawk(No Hump) + Drop Tanks $3.00
A7 Corsair II
USA 112A7 Corsair II $3.50
F-100 Super Sabre
USA 106F-100 Super Sabre $3.50
F-104A Starfighter with tip tanks
USA 118F-104A Starfighter with tip tanks $3.00
F-104A Starfighter without tip tanks
USA 115F-104A Starfighter without tip tanks $3.00
F-3H Demon
USA 108F-3H Demon $3.00
F-4B Phantom + Drop Tanks
USA 104F-4B Phantom + Drop Tanks $4.00
F-5A Freedom Fighter
USA 113F-5A Freedom Fighter $3.00
F-84E Thunderjet + 4 Bombs
USA 111F-84E Thunderjet + 4 Bombs $3.00
F-86E Sabre
USA 109F-86E Sabre $3.00
F-8A Crusader
USA 103F-8A Crusader $3.50
F9F-2 Panther
USA 110F9F-2 Panther $3.00
F9F-6 Cougar
USA 107F9F-6 Cougar $3.00
USA 116 F-4E Phantom II
USA 116USA 116 F-4E Phantom II $4.50
USA 121 F-14 Tomcat
USA-121USA 121 F-14 Tomcat $6.00
USA 132 Douglas A-1 Skyraider
USA-132USA 132 Douglas A-1 Skyraider $4.00
USA-124 F-16 w/ conformal fuel tanks
USA-124USA-124 F-16 w/ conformal fuel tanks $4.00
USA-129 A-4F / N with ECM hump
USA-129USA-129 A-4F / N with ECM hump $3.00
USA-133 Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star
USA-133USA-133 Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star $3.00
Vertol H-21 Shawnee
USA 101Vertol H-21 Shawnee $4.50